What is Plumli?

Plumli is a social network
unlike any other.

  • Facebook keeps you in touch with old friends
  • LinkedIn links you to professionals
  • Instagram lets you browse photos
  • Pinterest gives you inspiration
  • Plumli is your go-to spot to connect with women who share similar interests and a common location.

Plumli is designed to help women meet friends who share similar interests.

Did you relocate for a job and are looking for friends in your new city? Are you the first among your friends to have a baby and need some mommy friends? An empty-nester looking to find friends based on your interests instead of your kids' interests? Visiting a city and want to meet friends in that area?

Well, with just a few clicks, you can connect with like-minded women, build relationships, and schedule events with your new friends!

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How we got started.

Plumli was founded on the idea that while women love to do things together, making female friendships can become harder as your life changes. When turning over a new leaf – whether it’s for a job, a marriage, or kids – you want to surround yourself with like-minded women. But how to find them? Do you pick them up in a bar? Do you ask your acquaintances to set you up on lady dates? If only there was a site like match.com for friends!

Founder Karla Hicks was faced with these questions and resolved to create a solution. Constantly traveling with her husband on his business trips, she found it hard to connect with new friends in new cities, as well as make new friends back at home. How could she meet women who were in a similar life stage and build a relationship with them? She decided that she wanted to create an easy and safe way to make new friends online and meet them offline. Thus, Plumli was born.

Our team

Karla Hicks

Visionary and Founder

Karla Hicks' passion to build Plumli was a natural extension of her active, social lifestyle, her extensive background in business team management, and her dedication to friends and family. Always on the go, Karla found it hard to make and maintain relationships with girl friends due to a busy schedule and her penchant for travel. She wanted to find a way to make new friends and hangout with existing friends, whether visiting a new city for work with her husband or juggling the many hats of motherhood at home in the Pacific Northwest. Karla put her background in business management to work on the idea of connecting women, and Plumli was born. Having owned her own restaurant and conference center and managed teams for years in the medical field, Karla knows what makes for happy people, and she knows what makes for good business - a perfect pairing for her new social network venture. When she's not managing the operations of Plumli, Karla can be found walking, exploring new trails and towns, laughing with friends around a good meal, riding Harleys or relaxing with her family at the lake.

Jennifer Hood

Producer and Designer

Jennifer Hood is a mildly tortured creative based out of Southern California. She is the co-founder of creative firm Hoodzpah Art + Graphics with her twin sister Amy Hood. A member of the original Plumli team, Jennifer Hood helped mold the business plan and set the aesthetic tone of Plumli, working with a team of designers to design the Plumli site and marketing assets. When not scribbling words, doodling lines, or manipulating anchor points, she’s tinkering on a piano, watching unholy amounts of Netflix, smelling an issue of Esquire on the beach, attempting to hustle pool to no avail, or singing a pitchy rendition of Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” at the local karaoke bar. According to The Velvet Underground, Jenny’s life was saved by rock ‘n’ roll. That’s disputable.

Lauren Pawell

Producer and Techie

Lauren Pawell, one of the co-producers behind Plumli, helped define the business model, create a viable product, and execute a clean and efficient development of the site with her tech team. As the founder of her own digital marketing agency, Bixa Media, she has a diverse background in website development and marketing strategy in a digital world. Although American by birth, Lauren has spent almost as much time abroad as she has in her home state of California. A trilingual with hot feet, she has spent time studying and working in Spain, England, France, and Belgium. Now living and working back in Southern California, Lauren balances her time between work and a personal life peppered with beach days, rock climbing, world travels, and dancing.